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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh What a Relief!

This past week as been so great. Natalie has been feeling really good and we are so glad. She even had chemo last week and she has it again tomorrow but she has been feeling great. She soooo badly needed this. We all did. We are wrapping up this phase and we will be starting the final phase soon. Final before maintenance that is. We still have two years of maintenance left. Thank God that is only once a month and they say you go back to normal life as you knew it and it doesn't really effect your everyday living. We are ready for that! The phase we are getting ready to start is called "delayed intensification". It is similar to the first month of treatment. They hit you pretty heavy so it is supposed to be one of the harder phases. We will just wait and see because so far the phases that were supposed to be easy have been terrible so we are hopeful that the hard phase is going to be easy. Nat handled the first month really well, the only reason we were in the hospital for most of it was her pick line kept getting infected. If we can stay away from infections in her port, hopefully she can sail right through.
We met with her school yesterday and got "homebound" set up. We are going to do that until after Christmas break. That will get her through the next phase and lighten her load. We are hoping after break she will be good to go back to school and start living her normal life again. So, if you will, please pray things keep going great like they have been for the past week and that we get through this next phase with flying colors. No fevers, no nausea, feet get better, smiles stay bright and life will be good. Thank you all so much.

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  1. Just thinking about you have things gone with the last phase? I hope that she is feeling better.
    Ed and Sarah