Psalm 28:7 "The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him."

Through the Years

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One day at a time!

Phase two is a bummer so far. It is making me sick to my stomach and I hate being stuck at home. Hopefully it gets better soon and I can get out a little more. I thought it was going to get easier but this medicine is harder on me then the others. It was nice this week, a nurse came to our house to give me my shot so we didn't have to drive all the way to Banner Desert everyday. We do go back to the hospital tomorrow morning to see how my blood counts are and I might have to get a tranfusion. They expect my counts to go down right now so the transfusion is a normal thing. Next week the treatment is a little less so hopefully I will have more energy and feel better. Have a great day! Natalie


  1. Hi Natalie,
    Jake and I are so sorry to hear that phase 2 has not been so good. Jake has had a some rough days but not with nausea/vomiting. We have learned to expect the unexpected. We will be at POTC tomorrow at 10:30. Port day and new Chemo phase is Monday for us. Right now we are scheduled to go to office everyday for shot- major bummer! Hopefully, home health will be able to come out for us too. I am a bit anxious for Jake to start the new drugs. I hate that you guys don't feel good. I just know that the two of you will come out winners through all this though. Keep smiling and keep fighting the good fight:)

    Christi and Jake

  2. OH Natalie! Hang in there Sweetheart! You are amazing! And WAY tougher than most of us would be! You amaze me at how you can still find a way to squeeze out a SMILE ... and be worried about everyone else, too!
    Keep the FAITH!

    Love, the Evans Family

  3. Hi Natalie, Found your blog tonight. Not even sure how, but wanted to follow. My youngest son, we call him Lil Bro, and I planted watermelon seeds and it brings lots of joy to him. Not sure if you have any plants, but you may want to try it too. Fresh fruit and veggies are yummy. Also, Big Bro, the elder son, likes Radio Disney and we're constantly listening to RD together. Do you like Jonas Bros? Top 30 countdown? Take care and smile!!

  4. Natalie...Ed and I think of you and your family often. What an inspiration you are to so many! Your blog is inspired and very special. God loves you and He will continue to inspire you and guide you through all of this...just trust that He ALWAYS knows what is best for us. You have a very special family that I know loves you beyond measure. What a blessing it is to have. You're in our prayers!
    Lots and Lots of Love,
    Ed and Sarah Ulrich and Family

  5. Hey Natalie and Co.

    It was great to visit with you guys today... I didn't get to really finish telling you about my nausea meds and wanted to since you've been having trouble with it.

    I mentioned I do better with the Ativan. I was scared to take it at first, too, because it says it can make you drowsy. It doesn't make me drowsy (like benadryl does)... but I did notice it easier to fall asleep on it, like if I wanted to try to nap. Dr Williams told me it is also prescribed for anxiety, so I think it may relax you... but for me - I don't get drowsy on it.

    When I get a drug that I know will make me nauseated, we rotate the zofran and the ativan every four hours (because each one for me is take every 8 hours as needed...). We experimented with it the first time in induction, and the second time figured out I was nauseated the night after chemo and the next two days, so we just kept rotating those two drugs for those days and my nausea was really under control. (Until this week! But I think it was those eggs I ate on Sunday and this morning!)

    We will have to experiment again to see how long my nausea lasts with the consolidation drugs, but I thought I would share what we have done to try and keep my nausea to a minimum! Hope you have a good weekend, Jake